The Stellar-based asset, that drives our products

General information

Our Stellar based token exoHash, shortly abbreviated as EXH, is generated and distributed by our Issuer and Distributor account, respectively. See below for more address / public key details. You will need to trust the Issuer account, to obtain and hold EXH. Our corresponding TOML file contains all information of the token. A direct download link of the file is at the very end of this page. In total, we generated 10,000,000 (ten million) EXH. The Issuer account is locked. Thus, nobody is able to generate more token and cause an (hyper-) inflation. The price of 1 EXH is set and announced before a sale on Twitter (@AEDataConsult). We try to set a price, that is linked with the development of our products and the growth of our startup. However, we cannot promise a general acceptance of our prices and will also consider the general "EXH-buying mood". We are not interested in unrealistic expectations, causing severe price fluctuations and instability. We want to deploy an actual use case for anonymously triggering data-scientific tools from any chosen wallet. To prevent an over-heating crypto-market, there will be:

  • No vast sales

  • No buying bonus

  • No airdrops

... and no other market manipulating behaviour from our side.
To obtain EXH, you need Stellar Lumen (XLM) and a wallet, where you hold our coins and can add Stellar based token. We will give a brief explanation in this regard with the Foxlet wallet, where the main opening window looks like this (Please note: Our token is verified and a corresponding TOML file is present. However our official EXH logo is currently not display in the Foxlet wallet):

Responsive image

After logging in you will see this page of the Foxlet wallet, as you can see in the following. We will refer to this as the "main page". On top you see a bar with different domains, to e.g. see your currency balance, open the decentralised Stellar market, etc.

Responsive image

Please note: you need a Stellar account, to send EXH, etc. (more general: to participate in the Stellar network, you need a certain amount of XLM).


To accept and hold EXH from us and to participate in EXH sales you need to set a trustline to our Issuer account first. For this, go to the option "Trust". If our token is not listed in any general Stellar token list (so you can easily set a trustline using the nice graphical interface), you need to set a trustline manually. For this purpose, you need to set 3 parameters: The Issuer account address, the abbreviation of exoHash (EXH), and the number you want to trust (maximum is 10,000,000).

Responsive image

Afterwards you will see EXH in your wallet, as can be seen in the following screenshot:

Responsive image

You are now ready to obtain and send EXH in the Stellar network.


Sales from our side will be announced officially on our Twitter account (@AEDataConsult). Sales from other Stellar users, holders or investors can appear anytime at any price. We are only responsible for our own Stellar accounts.
During a sale, you will see the number of EXH, that you can buy and the corresponding price per EXH. The following image shows a simple case, where 1 EXH is sold by our Distributor account for a price of 5 XLM. With our test account we want to buy this token, by simply filling out the buying form.

Responsive image

Afterwards, checking the balance, you will see that you obtained 1 EXH, send 5 XLM and paid a small amount for the transaction. Now you are ready to go, to use our service. Please note: Pricing will show you the current price list for our services. Cheaper and simpler as well as more sophisticated and more expensive solutions will follow in the next couple of months.

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Our Stellar accounts

Here you see a list of our Stellar accounts. The (closed) Issuer account is the trustline for our EXH token; the Distributor is responsible for the sales. The accounts for our Instagram and Twitter service are needed to pay and trigger our data-scientific analysis tools. Just to complete our list and ensure 100 % transparency, we list also our Tester account, that is used for miscellaneous testing purposes.











TOML file

The TOML file is linked with our Issuer account and shall establish trust within the Web 3.0 community.

TOML File Download