How it works

All products are triggered via the Stellar Memo function.
It's simple, fast and stored in the Stellar network!

Social Media Analysis


Please note: Currently ONLY the Hashtag transactions are working! At this point, we assume, that you obtained some EXH and / or you know how to obtain it and handle Stellar based utility tokens. If you need a detailed explanation, how to get EXH, please have a look here.

So you want to a have a quick and detailed analysis of some recent posts (for a certain hashtag oder in a certain location)? With this service we provide insights of the hashtags posted in the 500 recent posts, that are stored in our database. After triggering this service our tools are keen to obtain several very recent posts to "refresh" the database. Please note: if no request has ever been made, the entry in the database is generated and first data are fed into it. This results is less than 500 posts. Data "refreshing" is driven by EXH and with a strong community, a valueable database will grow over time.

You made great content on Saturday and Sunday and want to use popular hashtags, that are posted along #weekend to join possible trends? Below, you see a screenshot, how to trigger this data scientific analyis. Write down our corresponding Wallet address (GB4MXYLPUTGK2ADN3QN3MQP4ATLXT7435GJV7EWYHMYYRJSMMJ5NBAG6), the current amount for this service (3 EXH), and use the Memo function (Text) to write your requested hashtag. Please note: Only 28 byte long UTF-8 or ASCII coded words are possible. If you want to know the hashtags of a location, you need to determine the location ID from Instagram and write into the Memo field e.g. ">213131048" for Germany's capital city Berlin.

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The transaction you see here was performed with our Test account (GAMCBHRRML2NPCRKRO773HBGWTX7G7SNCTID4AGUH53AHBFJPTD2MXJA) and the transaction hash is f34800df8077ba6a4179c1420f8a4403fdc7fb337b1a3e2c95e6041f35eb5681. It can be found in Stellar horizon: Stellar Horizon Response

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